Katie M. Beymer



svelte protein

the protein powder game has always been competitive and it's hard to stand out, but svelte has a one-up on the other guys. as lead designer on this account i pushed for them to capitalize on what makes them different: they're plant based, gluten-free, low sugar, and (major key) they're not a powder. this meant they needed a different look. no macho men, no dirty weights at the gym. instead beautiful, elevated and clean photography, playful, but simple illustration, and increased use of canvas ads and IG stories. it made a huge difference and helped them connect with their audience on a new level. user-generated content increased, social engagement soared, we crafted a cookbook for their trade shows, and got into tons of inboxes with a new curated bi-monthly newsletter.

work created: social campaigns, social and retargeting ads, video, photography, illustration, animation, UGC curation, and merch creation.